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English Studies Information pages

Free EFL and ESL resources for teachers and students of English as a foreign language

Useful websites for students of English

There are thousands of website around the world designed for learners of English. Here is a small selection of some of the best of these.
  • Activities for ESL students - from the ITESL - the Internet TESL journal
  • Linguapress  - Graded reading resources, grammar and word games - all with totally free access.
  • ELLO - the English Listening Lesson Library online - lots of audio dialogues with transcripts, at different levels.
  • English Club -Lots of resources for teachers and students of  English
  • The English language guide - a collection of resources for learners and teachers
  • The IELTS exams - the world's leading international test for skills in English.
  • News in Levels - News-related documents in different levels of graded English
  • TESOL - the international association for teachers of English to speakers of other languages