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English Studies Information pages

Free EFL and ESL resources for teachers and students of English as a foreign language

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The story of English
English irregular verb tables
Clear English Grammar
Style and Slang
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Civilisation britannique
Pages de grammaire anglaise

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The study of a language can't be detached from the study of the cultures that have given rise to the language. Languages reflect the people who use them, their way of life, and the history of the countries where they are used.  That is why American English is no longer the same as British English, or Indian English; and the French spoken in France is not the same as the French spoken in Canada.
  The best way to really learn a language is to visit the country, get away from the main tourist centres, and stay with people who live there; or at least, when staying there, look for typical local accommodation, rather than large characterless hotels where you can't tell what country you're in until you actually step out of the hotel into the street, or the garden.....

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Learning English

Travel and other countries